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How can I contact the Bookseller?

AbeBooks provides an online marketplace for booksellers and book buyers and the means for them to interact with each other. We do not actually own books ourselves. We encourage buyers and sellers to communicate with each other.

If you have specific questions about a book that is listed online you will need to contact the bookseller directly. To contact a bookseller simply:

1. Click on the [Ask Bookseller a Question] link in the search results
2. Enter your inquiry and click [Send Question]

You will be sent an email confirmation of your inquiry. AbeBooks will also retain a copy.

If you are contacting the bookseller about a book that you have alraedy purchased, please contact the bookseller from your AbeBooks account:

1. Click [Your Orders]
2. Click [Track Your Purchases]
3. Click the [Item details] button located to the right of the item
4. Click the [Ask a Question] button
5. On the Book Inquiry page:
• Ensure your email address in the From text box is correct
• Enter the subject of your inquiry
• Type your question to the bookseller
6. Click the [Inquire About This Book] button

An email is sent to the bookseller on your behalf, and a copy is saved in your AbeBooks account.